Tips To Capture Innovative Splash Photographs

Splash photography is a technique that freezes the one moment of action. This is normally done with water, paint, color powders, etc. Lighting is important while trying splash photography. When you use solid objects, we will need light from both sides. In case you use transparent objects then backlit is the best. To start with, you can use a clear container and plastic would be the right option. In case, you miss the ice, the bowl will not crack. For splash photography, things you need would be a fishbowl, huge trays to hold the fishbowl and splashing water, towel, tap water, ice cubes, tracing paper, fake fish, tripod, camera, remote trigger and backlight.

Get the setup right for splash photography. Backlit the area using Flashpoint StreakLight 360. This flash is important to freeze the shot perfectly. You can turn the flash low so that the flash is short. For the light to pass through easily, tracing paper is used between the light and the subject. The reason for using tracing paper is that it is disposable and can be thrown away when it is wet. Use a glossy black tile hold the splashing water. Then set the camera on the tripod.

It is best to use manual mode as it is easier to sync with flash speed and shutter speed. Always set a wider depth so that there is room for the big splashes. You can use fake ice pieces, and it gives a better effect as it is translucent. In case, you use a solid object, it can be photographed separately and later merged using photo editing tools. Do not photograph the object with backlight alone it does not give the desired effect. For really good pictures use high splash, now click just when the ice hits the water. Repeat dropping the ice cubes and capture some shots and you will end up with the perfect image.