Some Useful Information On Backlit Photography

Photographers have different experiences with sunlight. Some of the most dramatic photographs were created with the sun in the background of the subject. The backlight can play a vital role in portrait photography it used correctly. It is true that it turns shadow on the face but it is not an issue when you expose for light. This can give you an accurately exposed shot. This equals the quality of sunlight on your face directly. When it comes to exposing for shadow using negatives or exposing for slide shows, the limitations are more yet these work well.

Shooting-Backlit-Scenes-@mountanesia-•-Foto-Instagram-photo-by-@marianimari-300x300There is another method of removing the shadows, just use a flash and ensure the strength is a similar strength to background light. This can remove facial shadows and make the photo evenly lit. If you want to bounce the light onto the face, then use reflectors. But ensure that it has the similar strength of sunlight. You can use the flash to reduce the strength of sunlight by exposing less light. This can guarantee a perfectly exposed face making sure that the sunlight surrounds the subject. The term used is ‘rim light’ or ‘halo effect’.

Another important trick is that there should be no light on the lens. The subject should be under a shade or use a piece of paper to shadow the lens. To get the best results, shoot at dawn or dusk. Direct sunlight never works with portrait photography. With regular practice is can master the art. Shoot halo images and practice. You will come up with new ideas to shoot dramatic photos.

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