Simple Steps To Create Great Canvas Gallery Wraps

Despite digital photography coming of age and people are sharing selfies on social networking sites, the demand for studio photography is uncompromised. There is always clientele for this type of photography. The challenges faced by studio photographers are immense especially when it comes to presenting their canvas prints. Canvas wrap is a popular option that can be used to personalize your prints and in this case sky is the limitation. It all depends on what is wrapped around the frame. It can also be termed as prints on the canvas that is wrapped around the border.

Interior with dresser.Gallery wraps are expensive and keep changing depending on the marketing strategies. Every studio owner should have their personal canvas wraps and know the technique of creating their own.

Canvas gallery wraps can be creating using simple techniques. All that is needed is a wooden frame, staplers, canvas pliers, pencil, scissors and canvas print. Designing gallery wraps is simple with the following steps. Just lay your canvas on the frame facing upward. Now take a pencil and mark the position where the frame intersects. Now keep the prints facing down making the frame visible. Now push the frame up the marks. Now track it using the stapler but don’t completely press to the edges as it should just hold it tight while stretching to the opposite side.

Using canvas pliers pull from edge to edge and staple completely. For evenness, start from the center and move across the frame. Once done move to the shorter side and staple it and then repeat the same with all the edges. For clean corners fold one each corner before stapling. Now with the scissors cut off the extra canvas. Repeat the process for all sides. Stretch the canvas using pliers and pin the corners. Now you canvas gallery wraps is ready for display.

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